Guest column: Donor Sabbath and the legacy of Caleb

Commercial Appeal | Becky Holman

This Sunday at my church, there will be a special insert in the bulletin to mark Donor Sabbath, an annual observance that involves most major religions. During Donor Sabbath, faith leaders, donor families, transplant recipients and others focus on the lifesaving importance of organ and tissue donation.

The insert at my church will tell the story of my son, Caleb. Caleb died three years ago at age 17 after a tragic swimming incident.

At the time, Caleb was about to start his senior year at Creek Wood High School in Dickson County. He was an Eagle Scout and active in his church youth group, and had two older brothers, Bryan and Matthew, and a younger sister, Kirsten.

When the call came in, the first responders included my husband, Caleb's dad, Mike, the police chief in White Bluff.

Caleb was rushed to the hospital, and although the doctors did all they could over the next few days, it became clear he would not survive. As that horrible realization dawned on us, Mike and I knew what we had to do. We would honor Caleb's wishes to be an organ and tissue donor. Continue reading