Iowa Donor Network answers student's question

Spencer Daily | Hanna Russman

In response to a question posed by senior Emily Burns, Jessica Kuil, Iowa Donor Network professional outreach coordinator, visited with the Spencer High School student body Monday about organ donation. The Iowa Donor Network likes to inform teenagers about organ donation as they will be asked if they would like to register as an organ donor when they get their first driver's license. (Photo by Hanna Russmann)

A question from a curious student about organ donation prompted a visit from the Iowa Donor Network at Spencer High School Monday.

Senior Emily Burns wanted to know if she could be an organ donor despite being a diabetic during her medical terminology class with teacher Denise Cole. Cole not knowing the answer had Burns direct the question over the phone to the Iowa Donor Network.

"I don't always know the answers to some of my students questions despite my experience, so when that happens we will make a call to the right people right here from the classroom to find out the answer," Cole explained. Continue reading