Killen transplant recipient has problems

WBRC | Bobby Shuttlesworth

KILLEN, AL (WAFF) - Killen resident, Katie Clement counts her blessings each day. That includes a kidney transplant donated by her cousin, Clay Harris, in August of 2007.

Katie's kidney went through a type of rejection a while back. Doctors had to use powerful drugs to shock it back into shape. But those drugs left her kidney about 50% scarred. And now the kidney isn't functioning the way it should.

"My kidney, the creatine has increased. And that means the kidney is not filtering as well as it should," said Clement.

She says she is not in organ failure yet.

"I have bouts of my body attempting to get there," said Clement.

Her transplant took place at UAB, and that's where her doctors are located today. Continue reading