Made for each other: wife donates kidney to husband

Count on 2 | Mayci McLeod

Many couples say they would do anything for each other, and one local woman put that sentiment into action when she found out her husband needed a kidney transplant.

Nicole Watson says, “It’s an honor to do anything I can for him because of how much he’s done for me just by being who he is.”

Nicole and Earl met when they were neighbors and her dog escaped into his yard. They have been married now for 12 year and say there is no doubt they were meant to be.

Nicole says, “There’s a reason for everything that God does in our lives. There’s a reason he was my neighbor, there’s a reason that I married this man,and reason why we’ve gone through things that we’ve gone through and that we’ve come out the other side for me to be here for him for this moment so I could do this for him.”

She says because Earl’s kidneys are failing he needs a transplant and Nicole is a perfect match. Continue reading