Many children will not live to celebrate Christmas 2015

Health 24, South America

This festive season there will be many children who will not be opening Christmas gifts. Sadly, these children will die waiting for a life-saving organ that will never arrive!

Should we ask ourselves if this is fair and right, if there is something that you and I can do about this?

Save seven lives

Despite more than 500,000 deaths every year in South Africa of people needing organ transplants, fewer than 350 life-saving organs are donated. This leaves more than 4,300 children and adults at the mercy of your and my simple decision.

All it takes for you and me is to decide to register as an organ donor and to make the effort to tell our family that it is our wish to donate our organs. It is such a simple decision. Something that many of us could, and would, do if we only took a moment to consider it. Continue reading