Medical miracle – Alabama’s first adult split-liver transplant at UAB saves two lives

WJHL | Liliian Lalo

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – The University of Alabama at Birmingham is no stranger to making medical history. In late July, a medical breakthrough happened inside the UAB Liver Center. For the first time in the state of Alabama, a donor liver was successfully split and given to two adults.

The two women who share the liver met for the first time in one of the clinic’s hallways. It was a chance encounter that was captured while our cameras were rolling.

Deborah Lethgo and Eloise Jenkins are from different walks of life, yet they share the same lifesaving organ.

During their heartfelt exchange, Jenkins and Lethgo shared words of encouragement and big hugs.

“I wanted to meet her because we share something special,” said Lethgo. “She has the other half.” Continue reading