Meet the Wrexham woman who needs a new liver, pancreas and small bowel to survive

Daily Post UK | Sam Yarwood

A woman who has suffered multiple organ failure and has “died” four times hopes changes to donation laws will not just save her life but those of others in her situation.

Sally-Ann Hart, from Chirk , needs a triple transplant and has been told by doctors her chances are minimal unless she gets a liver, pancreas, small bowel, and possibly a kidney.

The 60-year-old is now backing a change in legislation which from December 1 will see Wales become the first part of the UK where it will be presumed consent for organ donation has been given unless people opt out.

Sally-Ann, known as Sal said: “To survive, I would need a triple – possibly even a quadruple – organ transplant. I’ve been told that I’m brave, but having been close to dying it is obvious that I still have something else to achieve in life. If it means helping others, then that is what I will do. Continue reading