New Jersey widower who lost his wife to kidney failure decides to donate organ to woman who posted an ad seeking transplant on Craigslist

New York Daily News | Melanie Dostis

Nina Saria (r) will recieve a kidney transplant from Glenn Calderbank (r), who lost his wife to kidney failure. Their spouses pose in this picture.

Glenn Calderbank didn’t find the construction materials he was searching for on Craigslist but he did connect with a woman exhausting her options, looking for a kidney donor.

A weird twist of fate led the Berlin, N.J. man, who lost his wife to kidney failure, to find a misplaced ad for a woman desperately seeking a transplant.

And, Calderbank was a perfect match for Nina Saria, of Egg Harbor City, N.J.

He is now preparing for a Dec. 1 surgery and the two strangers instantly formed a bond.

“People like Glenn and his wife don’t come into your life often, if they come at all. These people will be in my life until the very end,” Saria told the Daily News on Saturday.

The 32-year old was shocked when was she diagnosed with kidney failure in 2014.

The mother of a seven-year son landed on a transplant list that meant a wait of up to five years. Continue reading