Retired Erie County DA in fight of his life awaiting kidney transplant

The Buffalo News | By Jane Kwiatkowski Radlich

Having a serious illness is humbling,” says former Erie County DA Frank Clark, in Arizona with wife Kathy. He is on a transplant list there and at ECMC.

In his nearly four decades as a prosecutor, Frank J. Clark went after homicidal teens, bad cops and drug-dealing street punks by the dozens.

Yet for the last five years, the retired Erie County district attorney has been stymied in his search for a kidney.

And the wait is killing him.

“Having a serious illness is humbling,” said Clark, who will turn 73 on Friday. “It makes you look at the world in a very different way. I just work within the constrictions of my disease. I’ve managed it for five years, and I’m getting sick of it.”

Talking on the phone from his townhouse in Green Valley, Ariz., where he and his wife, Kathy, have wintered for the last five years, Clark is determined to do what it takes to beat his renal failure. He has registered on two transplant waiting lists, one at Erie County Medical Center and another at Banner–University Medical Center in Tucson.

“They’re doing more transplants down here than they are back home,” Clark said. “They are very optimistic I could get a kidney in a matter of months. For that reason, we decided to come down here early and hope that my number comes up.” Continue reading