Son saves cancer patient dad's life by donating half of his liver for miracle transplant

The Mirror | Martyn Halle

GP Naresh Aggarwal looked likely to die within a year from liver cancer until his student son Day donated 56% of his organ in a rare live adult transplant

A brave son saved the life of his doctor father by giving him half of his liver in a miracle transplant .

GP Naresh Aggarwal, 54, was facing death from liver cancer until his 21-year-old student son Day stepped forward.

Live liver donations carry a greater risk and are normally between a parent and a child born with a diseased organ.

But it was Dr Aggarwal’s only option. It worked spectacularly – and the new liver has even cured his lifelong haemophilia.

Dr Aggarwal said: “I was told in the spring I had several tumours in my liver and I was looking at possibly less than a year to live.

“My boys said ‘there must be something we can do’. Both wanted to donate.

“We had to act quickly because if the cancer spread they wouldn’t do a transplant.” Continue reading