Southwest Transplant Alliance Sets Texas Record For Organs Placed In A Month

Dallas Fort Worth Healthcare Daily | Matt Goodman

The Southwest Transplant Alliance set a new record in October for the number of organs it recovered for transplantation for its statewide partners.

In October, the nonprofit coordinated 136 organ transplants from 42 patients. Since October 1987, the most ever recovered by an OPO in Texas was 127, a record that was also set by Southwest Transplant Alliance last April.

The Dallas-based nonprofit is a federally designated organ procurement organization (OPO) that serves as a bridge between organ donors, the recipients, and the hospitals that are caring for both sets of patients. Hospitals that have a possible donor are required by law to contact an organ procurement organization once brain death is declared a possibility.

The OPO monitors the federal list of recipient hopefuls to find a possible recipient and then coordinates efforts from start to finish to procure the organs—its employees get permission from the donor family, they schedule private flights or organize rides for the transplant surgeons, they’re present in the operating room while the organs are procured, and they also follow up with the families after the surgery. Continue reading