Surprise, Surprise, you can have my kidney: Dad registers as organ donor thanks to TV show

Daily Record | Stephen Houston

JOHN Gilmour got emotional watching and decided to donate one of his organs, now he's saved the life of a complate stranger.

John Gilmour donated his kidney to an anonymous person.

A MAN gave a kidney to a complete stranger after watching a feature on donation on TV show Surprise Surprise.

Gravedigger John Gilmour, 48, welled up as he watched Holly Willoughby on the show earlier this year.

And the dad-of-three instantly turned round and told his stunned wife Claire he wanted to give away one of his own organs.

John then joined the donor register and donated one of his organs.

Now he hopes to meet the person who received his kidney.

John, from Largs , said: “They live on Merseyside and we have exchanged letters.

“I have no idea who they are but it would be a real privilege to meet them.

“I’m just so happy that I could help and that someone is living a happy and healthy life with their family. That keeps my soul content.” Continue reading