Teen reunites with doctor who performed life-saving surgery

WFFA | Jason Whitely

TEMPLE – Fellow freshmen in first period see her every day, but no one in Ashli Taylor's theater arts class knows what happened.

"Not to be rude, but kids these days... not a lot of them are grateful for what they have," said Taylor, 15.

Not long after she was born in November 2000, doctors diagnosed her with a congenital birth defect that caused cirrhosis of the liver.

As an infant, she needed a transplant to survive, and that organ came from her own mother.

Not a lot of people — or my teachers — even know what happened," Taylor said.

So in September, she opened up about it in a creative writing assignment. Taylor typed a page-and-a-half letter to a surgeon at Baylor who helped save her life.

"This is like the most amazing letter," said Dr. Robert Goldstein to Taylor's mom outside the teen's classroom at Temple High School. "She is incredible to have sat down and done that." Continue reading