Teenage organ donor Lizzie Ford’s amazing legacy – saving five lives

East Angilcan Daily Times | Edmund Crosthwaite

A teenage girl who died after suffering from severe asthma has left an extraordinary legacy - with her donated organs saving the lives of five people, including that of a boy her own age.

Elizabeth Ford, known as Lizzie, was a perfectly healthy teenager until she was 15. But then she developed asthma so severe that she was in and out of hospital, until the condition caused her death aged just 18 in October last year.

The keen baker and blogger, described by her proud father David as an ordinary teenage girl, left behind a grieving family – but also the extraordinary gift of life.

Just a week before her death Lizzie, from Saxmundham, had a conversation with mum Lorna about organ donation.

And while they were still coming to terms with her sudden death Mr and Mrs Ford made the brave decision to honour their daughter’s wishes and allow her organs to be used to save others.

That is exactly what Lizzie’s organs did – her heart, kidneys, spleen and liver went to desperately ill people and gave them a second chance at life, including a heart transplant to a boy. Continue reading