This Twentysomething Is Begging Strangers on Facebook to Be Her Organ Donor


Jillian Di Bernardo needs a liver transplant to survive a devastating genetic disease.

Jillian Di Bernardo, a hairstylist from Ontario, Canada, needs a liver transplant — fast. But the 28-year-old has faced barrier after barrier in the quest to save her life. But thanks to a desperate plea on Facebook, she might finally find a match.

Di Bernardo suffers from hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia, or HHT, which makes the body create blood vessels without the typical capillaries that go between arteries and veins. That means the blood vessels can easily rupture. She developed the genetic disease five years ago and now needs a liver transplant.

But the process so far has been difficult and discouraging. Patients who need organ donors are assigned a score that is supposed to reflect how urgent the need is, but Di Bernardo says she's far sicker than her score reflects. She told CTV that her doctors recommended she put out a public request for donors, and so she posted a call for help on Facebook: Continue reading