'He was my hero before I knew what a hero was'

Beloit Daily News | Jennifer Trammer

Lynette Garverick-King poses for a photo with her husband Eddie (left) and her brother-in-law Michael Loftus. Lynette is in the final testing stages to have a kidney transplant that will be donated by Michael. Michael said he and the rest of the family quickly made the decision to get tested when they found out Lynette would need an organ donor to go off dialysis and live a full life

It was an easy decision, almost like a knee-jerk reaction.

It resulted in a lot of medical tests, more needle pricks than anyone could possibly want, plenty of time and money, and lots of tears of joy.

Still, Michael Loftus, of Beloit, would never go back on his decision to give his kidney to his sister-in-law Lynette Garverick-King.

“If the tables were turned, she would do the same thing with no hesitation,” Loftus said.

Currently, there are over 122,000 people waiting for a donor, according to organ donor.gov. Of these, 101,189 await kidney transplants, as of Oct. 8; the median wait time for these recipients is typically three and a half years. Almost one third of all donations in a year will come from a living donor.

Tragically, 12 people die on an average day while waiting for a kidney transplant and about every 14 minutes someone new is added to that transplant list. Continue reading