Former Twins legend Rod Carew in need of a heart transplant

Yahoo Sports | Chris Cwik
Former Minnesota Twins legend Rod Carew is hoping to receive a heart transplant. Carew was profiled in an article by Steve Rushin of Sports Illustrated, where he talks about his near-death experience following a massive heart attack.
The details surrounding Carew's heart attack are pretty.
He had suffered a massive heart attack—“the kind they call the widow-maker,” says his wife, Rhonda. And though doctors told Carew he was extraordinarily lucky to be alive—his heart had stopped beating on two separate occasions—he doesn’t always feel fortune-kissed. “My wife will tell you I get up in the morning and cry and wonder, Why me?” Carew says, convalescing in a friend’s house in the suburbs of San Diego after seven weeks in five hospitals. “But you can’t say that. I go back to when my youngest daughter was dying. I never asked my friend upstairs, Why me? And He’s the only one who has the answers.” Continue reading