A rose to honor those who donated organs this year: Dennis McCarthy

Los Angeles Daily News | Dennis McCarthy

Carla Hentz, Myra Carta, Paula Marbach and Mina Sadighi. ICU nurses from Providence St. Joseph’s and Holy Cross place roses on the Donate Life Float for the 2016 Rose Parade. The roses represent the donor families from their hospitals who donated their loved one’s organs in the last year. Courtesy Photo

Intensive care unit nurses from hospitals all over Greater Los Angeles came to Pasadena this week to place roses on OneLegacy’s Donate Life float in honor of all the families who donated their deceased loved one’s organs this year so others might live.

They were all working in their own ICU’s the night a tragedy happened — when a son or daughter, father or mother was wheeled into their hospital hanging on to life by a thread.

While their devastated loved ones sat in a waiting room nearby praying for a miracle but fearing the worst, these nurses cut their breaks short to make regular visits to sit with them and try to keep their hopes up.

“We hugged them, held their hand, and gave them hope,” Paula Marbach says. “And when hope was lost, we cried and mourned with them. Now we’re back with a rose to honor and thank them.” Continue reading