Baby Amalya's Death Helping Other Children Live

DAYTON -- In pictures, little Amalya looks as if he's sleeping peacefully, his life lasting just 1 hour, 20 minutes.

"He had a neurotube defect called Anencephaly and after he passed away, we were able to participate in donation," said his mom, Bethany Conkel.

Bethany and Eric Conkel made the heart-wrenching decision to carry son Amalya to term despite learning 11 weeks into her pregnancy about his fatal diagnosis. They then decided to donate his organs and tissue for medical research to make the most of his life and death.

"We knew there was nothing we could do to save him so we wanted to bring the most meaning out of his short life. For us donation was one way to had extra meaning to his very brief life," she said.

Dad Eric Conkel says their choice was extremely difficult but they know it was the right one.

"It was tough for me to interact. I didn't get to feel the changes she was going through, like Amalya kicking. I had to make a conscience choice to still be a part of this process and go and make memories like we planned on doing," he said.  Continue reading

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