Balloon launch held in honor of organ donors, celebrates life

The Daily News

Releasing their balloons on Sunday in the Greenville High School parking lot, a crowd of Greenville-area people gave a silent and somber thank you to the organ donors who have saved lives in Greenville as well as the rest of Michigan and the nation. — Daily News/Brad Klosner

GREENVILLE — A year ago Sunday, Debbi Bendon received the greatest gift she could ever receive. She was given the gift of life.

On Dec. 20, 2014, Bendon received a double-lung transplant. Without the transplant, she may not be here today.

“Organ donation saved my life,” she said. “It has saved many of my family and friends lives, too.”

On Sunday, Bendon was joined by about 100 other Greenville-area people to host a balloon launch to not only celebrate the continuing lives of donor recipients but to honor the organ donors themselves as well as their families. People in attendance included organ recipients as well as family and friends who just wanted to show their appreciation.

“This is all about our donors,” Bendon said. “Without their love and caring, we wouldn’t be here. We’re so thankful to all of them. We’d also like to honor (everyone) who is on the (Michigan organ) registry. You save lives.” Continue reading