Building supplies? Jewelry? Babysitting? Kidney transplants get creative with Craiglist

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Nina Saria and Glenn Calderbank (Image via (

Last week, doctors at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital canceled a kidney transplant surgery under unusual circumstances. The donor, Glenn Calderbank, was diagnosed with liver disease on the operating table.

This surprise comes at the end of a kidney transplant that didn't even begin as planned. The patient and donor met online, part of a growing trend.

Glenn Calderbank builds things for a living. He's a contractor based in West Berlin, New Jersey. But the man is torn up about his kidney. He's got a scar on his stomach and a knot in his heart for an organ that won't work for anyone. And he can't fix it.

His wife passed four years ago from kidney disease. His kidney couldn't save her; he wasn't a match. Six months ago, he found another life he could save. Continue reading