Couple "out of options" finds kidney donor on Craigslist


Update:After months of testing, 49-year-old Glenn Calderbank was prepared to donate his kidney to 33-year-old Nina Saria. The surgery began Tuesday at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania but was not completed. A hospital spokeswoman told "CBS This Morning" in a statement: "Due to unforeseen medical issues, the kidney transplant did not occur as planned...Both patients are in good condition." Nina and her family will continue their search for a donor. The family has created a dedicated email address for those looking to help:

A woman is undergoing surgery after finding a kidney donor through an unlikely medium.

Glenn Calderbank and Nina Saria connected through an ad on Craigslist months ago. They spoke to CBS News' Jamie Wax about their remarkable, chance encounter.

"I wanted to be able to see my child grow. I wanted to see him in the future," said Saria. "I didn't want to die."

In July 2014, then 31-year-old Nina Saria faced an unsettling reality. An autoimmune disease had caused her kidneys to fail and she needed dialysis. Continue reading