Did mom's viral plea for kidney change kismet for son?

Gainesville | Lauren Flannery

This photo was posted to Stephen Paul's Facebook page on Nov. 20. It prompted a flood of responses.

After seeing her son wait more than a year on an organ transplant list, Priscilla Rye had an idea.

One day in late November while Johnathan was receiving his dialysis treatments at UF Health, Rye went to Wal-Mart and bought a can of shoe polish. On the back window of the family’s Chevrolet, Rye wrote “Son needs O+ Kidney” and her home phone number.

Less than two days later, hundreds of calls began pouring in. She wrote down names and numbers of potential donors on Post-it notes that soon covered her refrigerator, while messages filled up her voicemail. People called at all hours of the night, and often when Rye would talk to one caller, she would hear the incoming call of the next person looking to help.

“When people called, we couldn’t hear them talk from the phone beeping from the next call,” Rye said. Continue reading