Donate Life Float: 2016 Float Rider - Mackenzie Kern

Donate Life Float

Makenzie Kern’s life was changed by Jacob Krebs’ (2015 floragraph honoree) gift of donation. At the age of 14, she was excited to be adding field hockey to the list of sports she already enjoyed. About half way through the season, she began to experience a lot of pain in her right knee. She continued to play, but she was struggling to run and complained of pain every day. After multiple visits and tests, an exploratory surgery was conducted only to find out that Makenzie’s ACL was 90% torn. It was through Jacob’s loss and generous donation of a tissue graft that her knee was able to be repaired. The transplant Makenzie received that day has meant everything to her. Her life has returned to the activities she loved and enjoyed, but now she has a deeper appreciation of life.

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