Donate Life Float: 2016 Float Walker

Donate Life Float

When Tiana Watson’s boss showed her a news article of a man in need of an O positive kidney donor, possibility sparked. After much thought and some research, she decided it would be neat to give such a gift. Tiana reached out to Dan Stafford and his family and began the process to donate. Overjoyed by her decision, Dan’s family made sure that Tiana knew she could change her mind at any time. But even when the doctor informed her of the risks, Tiana stayed planted in her decision. With the support of her family and the appreciation of Dan’s, Tiana went through with the transplantation surgery. Today, she has no regrets and is still overjoyed to have been given the opportunity to give life.

Tiana will be walking with the 2016 Donate Life Rose Parade Float. She is one of 34 Californians being honored on the float in the Tournament of Roses - Rose Parade on New Year's Day.