Donate Life Float: 2016 Floragraph Honoree - Charles Cao

Donate Life Float

Charles Cao was born with a condition called Craniometaphyseal Dysplasia which causes a skull bone overgrowth. This condition can lead to problems with vision, hearing, and breathing. His parents say, "In his whole life, six years nine months and ten days, we had seen the doctor nearly a thousand times, but we couldn’t save his life. The night he passed away, we were contacted by a liaison from OneLegacy. We had actually thought about donating Charles’ organs before we were contacted by the organization. It was the only way to keep part of our son alive and, at the same time, save other people’s lives. Charles’ liver, kidney, and pancreas were donated. He saved three people."

Charles is a floragraph honoree on the 2016 Donate Life Rose Parade Float. He is one 34 people in California being honored on the float.