The Prairie Press | Nancy Zeman

Brad Farnham received an early Christmas gift July 29 when Aaron Farnham donated a kidney to his father, ending a more than three-year journey through cancer, dialysis and a delayed transplant.

Brad, a lifelong resident of Edgar County, is now in good health. “God bless urine,” he said smiling. “I’m free from dialysis and we are living our lives again.”

A rural mailman on Paris Route 5, Brad said he suffered severe back pain in May 2012. “It was so bad Aaron had to take me to the E.R.,” he recalled. While the pain was first thought to be the result of kidney stones, it was soon discovered the former Paris High School basketball star had a softball size mass on one of his kidneys.

“It was the last day of school,” wife Susan Farnham said. “That’s when our lives changed.”

Once the mass was discovered, Brad Farnham ended up at Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis. “It was a blessing in disguise,” he said. “No one in Terre Haute would touch me. We ended up at a place that could provide the most support and help.”

His intense pain was created because the tumor had ruptured, Susan Farnham explained. Ronald S. Boris, M.D., a kidney cancer specialist, took on the case. Continue reading