Five-year-old girl told family of organ donor wishes

BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland

Erin's organs were donated to three children and a man in his 40s

Susan Bonar, whose daughter Erin died of a sudden illness in March, said it was a great comfort to know that four people had been helped.

"In my most difficult days of missing Erin, that is the one thing that brings me comfort," she said.

Mrs Bonar said Erin had told the family of her wishes after seeing a TV advert.

"We were watching TV together as a family and an advert came on about organ donation," she said.

"Erin asked us what it was all about, so we did our best to explain it to her at the time.

"She just announced that if anything ever happened to her, she would like to give her whole body away to help other children." Continue reading VIDEO