Gainesville woman gets the call after long wait on liver transplant list

Gainesville Times | Hailey Van Parys

After months of waiting and hoping, a Christmas miracle came early for someone who needed it most.

Christine Singleton of Gainesville had been on a liver transplant list for 11 grueling months when her doctor called to give her the good news she had been waiting for: Her match was finally found.

Singleton and her family rushed to Emory Hospital in Atlanta as soon as she could the evening of Dec. 12, calling her other loved ones on the way to let them know that her transplant journey was about to begin.

The mother of three was diagnosed with primary biliary cirrhosis in December 2011 after she experienced severe itching that led to her doctor’s diagnosis.

“It takes all of your energy out of you,” Singleton said.

Not only that, but primary biliary cirrhosis destroys bile ducts within the liver over time, creates scarring of the liver and damages liver cells, according to the American Liver Foundation’s website, Continue reading