Gift of life: Organ donor's mom wants to find recipients

WLKY | Carolyn Callahan

It’s the season of giving, and for one Louisville mother, she’s focusing on gifts her daughter gave more than a decade ago.

Kelly Ellis’ daughter, Sabrina Roberts, was a teenager when she died from injuries after a car crash. Roberts' organs were donated, and her mom is hoping to find the people her daughter helped.

Losing a child is never easy. Ellis was and still is devastated. But now, she’s focusing on how her daughter’s death helped others live. Her Christmas wish this year is to find the families her daughter’s organs helped keep together.

There’s not a day that goes by when Ellis doesn’t think about her daughter.

“She was 17 1/2 at the time. That’s the same age I was when I had her,” Ellis said. “So it was really difficult. I remember standing by the bed, thinking ‘This same time in my life I was waiting for you to come to me, and now this part in your life, I’m watching you leave me.’”

In January 2004, Ellis and a friend were driving less than two miles from Ellis' house when everything changed. Continue reading