Kylie's mom: We have 'our Christmas miracle'

The Town Talk

Joan Walleser of Pineville got one of the phone calls she has been praying for Thursday afternoon.

It was Sen.-elect Jay Luneau calling to say that if Walleser's daughter, Kylie Walleser-Bush, 9, was to get another long-awaited call — that she had been matched with an organ donor — the family would be able to pack their bags for Omaha, Nebraska and leave, assured that their millions of dollars worth of medical expenses would be covered.

"There's our Christmas miracle," Walleser tells her daughter after hanging up. She explains that Luneau spoke with spoke with Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards and the Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary Kathy Kliebert.

"If (we) receive an organ call, it will be a go," Walleser continues.

"That means I get my Legacy Medicaid?" Kylie asks, still playing with toys on the living room floor at her home.

"No," her Mom explains. "It means if we get an organ call, we can go (to Nebraska)."

"Wait, what?" Kylie pauses. "... OK, as long as it doesn't come while we're at Disney World."

Kylie's story

Kylie goes back to playing as her mom talks about how the real world of her 9-year-old is no fairy tale. Born with malrotation and volvulus, Kylie lost her small intestine and developed short gut syndrome. For the second time in her life now, she is on the list for an organ transplant, which actually would give her three new organs — a small intestine, a liver and pancreas. Continue reading