LETTER: Giving the gift of life for those who need organs

Chillicothe Gazette | Kent Holloway,CEO, LifeLine of Ohio

During this season of thanks and giving, I am humbled. Humbled by the selfless gifts that organ, eye and tissue donors gave in 2015. Hundreds of lives in Ohio were saved and countless more were healed by the decisions of complete strangers.

While the hundreds of lives saved truly fills me with gratitude, I can’t help but be saddened by the more than eight thousand men, women and children who have, or will, die in 2015 because the gift that they had been waiting for days, months, years did not come in time – their Gift of Life.

For those individuals, their gift didn’t need to be wrapped with a bow, or presented with love by someone they know. They were hoping a perfect stranger would give them their ultimate gift – the gift of more time with their family, more memories to be made, more holidays to be shared. Continue reading