Liver Transplant Heals a North Texas Mother’s Pain

CW 33 | Tim Hawkins

DALLAS -- Lisa Barker, at the age of 25, was diagnosed with a rare blood disease that only one in a million folks get. It's called Budd-Chiari Syndrome. The only treatment that works is a liver transplant.

Barker was listed as a high priority 1-A patient. With doctors telling her she had just days to live, the gift of life came 10 hours later.

"And that miracle came from Courtney Sterling," Barker said.

Unfortunately, to save one life, another family had to say goodbye to their 15-year-old daughter.

"I was unconscious when my husband made the decision for Courtney to be a donor," Dawn Sterling, Courtney's mom, said.

The car accident that killed Courtney seriously injured her mother. When Dawn woke up in the hospital, she learned her other daughter and unborn grandson also died in the crash. Continue reading