Local teen needs heart transplant

KDVR | Denver | Deborah Takahara

DENVER -- A local teenager is fighting for her life, waiting for a life-saving heart transplant. Courtney Doell was just 18 months old when she was first diagnosed with cardiomyopathy.

Her father, Sheldon, said, “for whatever reason, it went right to her heart muscle. And weakened her heart muscle and we really almost lost her then 18 months old, was a miracle, by the grace of god she lived.. she recovered rapidly, had normal childhood.”

Courtney grew into a normal, active teenager, until the beginning of the school year when she got sick again.

Her mom, Shilo said, “doctors told us most kids don’t make it to age 3 or 5. That was really hard to hear, so at age 5 she was on no meds, I thought ‘great we are done, don’t have to worry about this anymore.’ That wasn’t the case. She got a cold it never really went away, turned into pneumonia.”

The virus attacked her heart and doctors told her parents the damage was irreversible. She would need a heart transplant. VIDEO, continue reading