Maryland officer killed on duty is laid to rest

Wahsington Post

Montgomery County Police Officer Noah Leotta (Courtesy of Noah Leotta's family)

Two thousand mourners filled a sanctuary Tuesday with overwhelming grief laced with unspoken anger. They’d come to the funeral for Montgomery County Police Officer Noah Leotta, 24, who was killed by a suspected drunk driver on a night when he was working a special assignment to get drunks off the road.

“An unrelenting sadness in our hearts,” Montgomery Police Chief Tom Manger told the crowd.

He spoke of what made Leotta such a good officer: He was honest, smart, courageous, caring. The chief looked to the front row, telling Leotta’s mother, father and sister how sorry he was. He looked out to more than 1,200 formally dressed officers from around the region. And he told a story designed to cut through the anguish.

Manger had recently read Leotta’s performance evaluations — starting with the most recent, then going back to when Leotta joined the force in 2013. Page after page of glowing praise. Manger joked: Was there anything bad? Continue reading