Medicaid coverage resolved for Louisiana girl's transplant, newspaper reports

The Times Picayune | Diane Samuels

A 9-year-old Louisiana girl will have Medicaid coverage for an organ transplant she needs, after her family and friends took to social media with concerns that she'd been designated "inactive" on the transplant list.

A 9-year-old girl in Pineville who needs a small intestine, pancreas and liver transplant will have the insurance coverage she needs for the $2.3 million operation, The Town Talk reported on Saturday (Dec. 19).

Fear that Kylie Walleser-Bush lost her coverage due to a change in Medicaid providers had spurred an online petition and social media pleas. Kylie's family said her status on the transplant list had been changed to "inactive," and after weeks of phone calls they weren't getting any answers.

Louisiana's Department of Health and Hospitals said the switch in providers hadn't changed Kylie's benefits, but acknowledged there was "confusion over how to access that benefit." According to The Town Talk, Kylie's family was assured last week by state Sen.-elect Jay Luneau, D-Alexandria, that the situation was resolved and if the organs become available, the transplant will be covered. Continue reading