Midlands Organ Donor’s Family Meets Recipient


Columbia, SC (WLTX) - It was an emotional day Friday at the South Carolina State Museum as an organ recipient and her donor’s family met each other for the very first time.

“I think about their loss,” organ recipient Jackie Varnadore said holding back tears. “I feel for them because of that, but I’m thankful that their sister was willing and their daughter was willing to donate and without people making donations, I wouldn’t be here without Sharon’s liver.”

Sharon Schltz Lucas, 53, died from a car accident on December 29, 2014. Her liver now lives in Varnadore who had suffered life-threatening liver failure. Varnadore met Lucas’ family Friday morning. She says she is just so thankful.

"I have two daughters that I want to see grow up, maybe see grandchildren, and it just means everything to me and and to see I mean she’s beautiful, she has that beautiful smile, I mean just to look at her picture she just looks so giving and loving," Varnadore explained. Continue reading VIDEO