More than One Way to Give the Gift of Life This Holiday Season

WAER 88.3 | Chris Bolt

The greatest holiday gift a Central New Yorker could give might only require a simple sign up or a check off on your drivers’ license. The Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network is using the holiday season to try and get more people to give the gift of life. Communications Director Nancy Ryan says any fancy clothes or electronic gadget pales in comparison to an organ someone might be waiting for.

“That could be a kidney transplant, a heart, a liver , a pancreas. Think of this time of year when we’re out scurrying around with our families, reflecting on the blessings and the simple joys of life that we have, those nearly 700 people, they are families and friends and neighbors, and co-workers who are spending this holiday waiting for their ultimate gift.”

New York is among the bottom of states and US territories when it comes t the percentage of people that have signed up to donate their organs...even though it’s a simple check-off when renewing a driver’s license. Ryan says when that life-saving organ is just about to come available due to someone else’s’s a hard time to make the decision. Continue reading