New rules allow people with HIV to donate to others with disease

Pittsburgh TRIBLive | By Wes Venteicher

New rules for sharing organs among people with HIV could add up to 500 names per year to the national donor list, increasing access to organs for people with and without the virus, according to a transplant surgeon who has advocated for the expanded sharing.

Federal criteria published in November establish the process by which surgeons can for the first time transplant organs from HIV-positive donors to HIV-positive patients. Transplant surgeons estimate they may start doing the transplants as early as spring.

Dr. Dorry Segev, a Johns Hopkins University transplant surgeon who pressed for the change, co-authored an analysis estimating 300 to 500 people per year with HIV may be able to donate viable organs after they die. Giving the newly available organs to people with HIV would free up organs for people without HIV, Segev said. Continue reading