NM florists will help Rose Parade bloom

Current Argus | Jessica Onsure

CARLSBAD -- Three Southeastern New Mexico women are in California to help one of America's New Year's traditions go full bloom.

Terri Walker, florists at Grigg's Flowers in Carlsbad, along with two other board members of the New Mexico State Regional Florists' Association are looking forward to being elbow deep in petals, leaves and blooms as they help decorate floats in the 2016 Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif.

Walker, this year's president of the Association, said she was excited when the invitation to participate arrived.

"They said just get a team of people together so we decided we would get the board members and who wanted to go," said Walker.

Walker and two other florists from the Association are working on floats designed by Paradiso. a company that designs boutique floats nationally.

This year, the company has four floats in the Rose Parade; the Los Angeles Lakers' float, PBS's "Downtown Abbey" themed float, a float for the organ donation organization Donate Life, and a float for an investment company themed "Marco Polo." Continue reading