Organ Donor to be Honored in Rose Parade

TriState Homepage

An organ donor from Indiana will be honored in the 2016 Rose Parade on New Year's Day. Jennifer Spurgeon passed away in an apartment fire back in 2009.

Her choice to donate her organs changed the lives of many. Jennifer's kidney's and liver were donated to three different people.

Six months after jennifer passed, her mother wrote a letter to each organ recipient. After months of waiting, she final received letters back from the recipients.

One was a 60-year-old woman named Betty. She received one of Jennifer's kidneys. Jennifer's mother was able to meet up with Betty at a family reunion.

"My daughter at that point said look at her," said Rhonda Berger, "look at how well she's doing. She said it's amazing seeing her, seeing the energy she has, seeing the change in the rest of my family by seeing what good it has done is just on overwhelming experience." Continue Reading