Seattle man's gift of life to be honored in Rose Parade


SEATTLE - It's a Rose Parade tradition. One of the floats in the New Year's Day parade honors the gift of life and organ donation. This year, a Seattle man's gift will be honored.

This should be Jacinta Pele's 16th anniversary with Leo Leiatau. Instead, it's the day she's talking about his death. "To everyone he was a gentle giant. And to me and my girls, he was our everything," she said.

In 2013, after suffering his third heart attack in a few month's time, Leo was unresponsive in the hospital. On the third day, Jacinta held his hand and made a request.

"Leo, if there is one thing you could do for me, it would be to open your eyes just one last time and look at me," Jacinta remembered. "My husband opened his eyes and looked at me. He must have stared at me for a good 15, 20 seconds. But, that's all I needed. And then he closed his eyes, and that was the last time he opened his eyes." Continue reading VIDEO