Selling desperate Syrian refugees’ body parts for profit: Israeli man arrested in Turkey for organ trafficking

Salon | Ben Norton

Trafficking is on the rise in largest refugee crisis since WWII. Struggling Syrians have resorted to selling organs

The situation in Syria today is nothing short of catastrophic. More than half of the entire population has been displaced in a civil war now approaching its fifth year, and almost 4.3 million Syrian refugees are registered with the U.N. Millions are crowded into densely population refugee camps in neighboring Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon. Many live on the street, and few have access to basic resources or job prospects.

Traffickers have taken advantage of Syrian refugees’ desperation, in hopes of making money.

An Israeli man was arrested in Turkey today for organ trafficking. He came to Istanbul to try to convince impoverished Syrian refugees to sell their organs, in a story first reported by Turkey’s Doğan News Agency, and later by Israel’s YNet and Germany’s Deutsche Welle. Continue reading