'She may not have survived': Woman receives kidney after being found by police

The Age | Victoria | Deborah Gough
Levalda Adams responded well to initial treatment and received the urgent kidney transplant. Photo: Joseph Feil

Levalda Adams' life has turned on a split-second decision by police to double check on her.

Ms Adams, 60, of West Brunswick, had been waiting 19 months for a kidney transplant when earlier this month the Royal Melbourne Hospital received a call to say there was a potential match.

But she could not be contacted.

On the morning the organ was donated, the hospital made several attempts to contact her on the phone.

Worried for her welfare, the hospital asked police to visit the woman's home to check on her and alert her to good news.

Two members from the Operations Response Unit, Senior Constable Dean Turner and First Constable Thomas O'Dwyer, knocked on her door for about 15 minutes, but no one answered.

"We were almost at the point where we were about to leave," said Senior Constable Turner. Continue reading
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