The little girl who proves we need opt-out donor system: Meet Evie Doherty, 2, whose only hope of life is a new heart

The Sun UK
A MACHINE keeps little Evie Doherty alive while she waits for a new heart.

The two-year-old tot was placed on the transplant list in June after being diagnosed with a potentially fatal enlarged heart.

Now, her only hope of life is to find a donor. Sadly for Evie and her family there is a huge shortage of suitable organs in Britain, meaning her little life hangs in the balance.

Currently, more than 6,500 people are on the waiting list – and 168 of them are kids.

That is why today The Sun calls for an opt-out donor system to be rolled out across the UK.

The system was launched in Wales last week in a bid to drive up donors, but we believe that the rest of Britain must follow suit if we are to save lives.

Here we meet more people who could benefit from our campaign
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