Trudeau Liberals asked to change organ donation system by mother of ill toddler

CBC | Nova Scotia

Ashley Barnaby says hearing there might be a kidney for her young son was a "dream moment" and she's trying to adjust back to reality with news it wouldn't be suitable. (CBC)

Nova Scotia considered switching to a presumed consent program, but decided against it

A mother in Halifax whose 17-month-old son needs a kidney transplant is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal government to change the rules on organ donations so that it is presumed people will donate unless they opt out.

Ashley Barnaby says her experiences waiting to hear about an organ donor for her son Zaccari motivated her to start an online petition.

Under the current rules, people must consent before they die to be eligible donors.

"Some people just don't have the time, or forget to sign up," Barnaby said. "And then those organs are just wasted. They could be living on in other people and helping them." Continue reading