Woman Waiting to Find Match for Organ Transplant


MCALLEN - A McAllen woman signed up for a program designed to help the sick find an organ donor that will help save their lives. She learned about it when a family member turned out not to be a match for a kidney transplant.

Maria De Lourdes Castro has been sick for most of her life. Her kidneys don’t work and a transplant she received many years ago failed.

She signed up for a program called “Kidney Paired Donation.” She said she hopes it will come through for her.

Signs of hardship are obvious, especially on Castro’s arm. She is suffering from kidney failure and is on dialysis. Her treatment is three times a week and lasts up to four hours each day. She said it’s tough.

“There are times when I get depressed and I start talking to God,” Castro said. “And I tell him, ‘God I don’t know what happened. What did I do? Because no one in my family has this type of sickness.’ I tell him forgive me for expressing my feelings, but why me?” Continue reading