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Teen reunites with doctor who performed life-saving surgery

WFFA | Jason WhitelyTEMPLE – Fellow freshmen in first period see her every day, but no one in Ashli Taylor's theater arts class knows what happened."Not to be rude, but kids these days... not a lot of them are grateful for what they have," said Taylor, 15.Not long after she was born in November 2000, doctors diagnosed her with a congenital birth defect that caused cirrhosis of the liver.As an infant, she needed a transplant to survive, and that organ came from her own mother.Not a lot of people — or my teachers — even know what happened," Taylor said.So in September, she opened up about it in a creative writing assignment. Taylor typed a page-and-a-half letter to a surgeon at Baylor who helped save her life."This is like the most amazing letter," said Dr. Robert Goldstein to Taylor's mom outside the teen's classroom at Temple High School. "She is incredible to have sat down and done that." Continue readingTo register as an organ, eye and…

1-year-old from Columbia braves illness, awaits liver transplant

Columbia Missourian | Anne Marie HankinsCOLUMBIA — Xander Barr is affectionately referred to as "Xander the Brave" by family and friends.The 1-year-old was diagnosed with Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, a childhood overgrowth disorder, right after was born in January 2014. Three months later, he was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a rare form of liver cancer."The scariest thing about the syndrome is the likelihood of cancer," said Randee Barr, Xander's mother. "Children with BWS are 600 percent more likely to be diagnosed with childhood cancer."Xander underwent chemotherapy treatments and had surgery at MU Women's and Children's Hospital to remove a tumor on his liver. In November 2014, he was declared cancer free, but his cancer returned in January, and this time, he needed a liver transplant. Continue readingTo register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, visit | In Caifornia, visit | It is impor…

Surprise, Surprise, you can have my kidney: Dad registers as organ donor thanks to TV show

Daily Record | Stephen HoustonJOHN Gilmour got emotional watching and decided to donate one of his organs, now he's saved the life of a complate stranger.A MAN gave a kidney to a complete stranger after watching a feature on donation on TV show Surprise Surprise.Gravedigger John Gilmour, 48, welled up as he watched Holly Willoughby on the show earlier this year.And the dad-of-three instantly turned round and told his stunned wife Claire he wanted to give away one of his own organs.John then joined the donor register and donated one of his organs.Now he hopes to meet the person who received his kidney.John, from Largs , said: “They live on Merseyside and we have exchanged letters.“I have no idea who they are but it would be a real privilege to meet them.“I’m just so happy that I could help and that someone is living a happy and healthy life with their family. That keeps my soul content.” Continue readingTo register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, visit | In…

Generous offer saves would-be organ donor

WCVB Mike Wallace's urgent need for a new kidney may have saved Tim Sparks' life.Wallace, 52, who owns Southworth's Wayside Furniture, has suffered from kidney disease for a dozen years. For nearly three years, he has endured nightly peritoneal dialysis, hooked to a machine in his home from midnight to 9:15 a.m.Three months ago, Wallace's name was added to the wait list for a kidney transplant at Yale-New Haven Hospital.Sparks, 56, a Bantam native who moved to Watertown in August, read an article about Wallace, which mentioned his love of motorcycles. It is a passion Sparks shares."Maybe it was the motorcycle connection. For some reason, it just got to me," said Sparks last week, as he stood in the driveway of Wallace's home looking over a faded red 1983 Audi GT car that Wallace had just picked up for $800. The two also appreciate sporty cars. Continue readingTo register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, visit | In Caifornia, visit …

Transplant donor dad's joy as doctors use his liver to save daughter

Dally Record UK | Jenny MorrisonWHEN 13-year-old schoolgirl Vivica Rose was diagnosed with end-stage liver disease, medics told her family that her best hope of survival was a transplant - and hero dad Tony McArthur was delighted to volunteer.WHEN Tony McArthur gave up drinking alcohol almost 20 years ago, he knew it would be good for his own health – but he never imagined it could save the life of his daughter too.And the pair of them have the scars to prove it. Schoolgirl Vivica Rose, 13, fell seriously ill in May and her family were devastated to be broken the news that she had end-stage liver disease.Doctors told her parents Tony, 38, and Kerry, 36, that their only child’s best hope of survival was a liver transplant. They warned them she was so dangerously ill, she needed to be placed in a medically induced coma until a liver became available.Without a moment’s hesitation, dad Tony begged medics to use him as a living donor and take a piece of his liver to save Vivica.Initial te…

Organ donor to be honored on Rose Parade float

Los Angeles Times | Brittany Woolsey Tom Zech loved the outdoors and riding, especially motorcycles and quads, also known as all-terrain vehicles.He twice joined A Ride Across America on its cross-country journeys, which included visits to hospitals as part of the nonprofit group's promotion of organ donation.The Huntington Beach resident also loved giving, and after he died suddenly of an asthma attack in September 2013, he gave what his brother-in-law considered "the ultimate gift" — his organs.Zech will be taking his final ride for organ donation in the form of one of 60 floragraphs aboard Donate Life's float in the Rose Parade in Pasadena on New Year's Day. A floragraph is a representation of a portrait made out of items like flowers and spices. Continue readingTo register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, visit | In Caifornia, visit | It is important to share your decision with loved-ones.

Families get together to celebrate new kidneys at Crozer

Delco Times | Rick KauffmanCHESTER >> Two strangers joined under strikingly similar circumstances Thanksgiving Eve to celebrate a joyous occasion alongside loved ones and the miracle workers that made the feast a possibility.Terri Barrett and Larry Lawrence had never met before their families shared a bountiful spread Wednesday at Crozer-Chester Medical Center, but having both become recipients of kidney transplants the previous Saturday, they had much to be thankful.We have always been a faith-going family and we believed,” Lawrence said, born and raised near Altanta, Ga. before moving to Philadelphia, he currently lives in the Eastwick section. “I think receiving a kidney is about believing and having faith that good things will happen.”It was the Friday before Thanksgiving that the two received similar phone calls: two separate kidneys that matched the two recipients. They were instructed not to eat or drink and to prepare for potential surgery. Continue readingTo register a…

Donor Sabbath promotes organ donation

The Clarion | Brighid MonahanStarted by the Department of Health and Human Services in 1997 as a part of the United States donation campaign, Donor Sabbath spans three days each year, where different religions throughout the U.S. come together to remember and memorialize people who have donated their organs to help others.This year Donor Sabbath took place Nov. 13-15.Not only is this a faith event, but an educational one. Transplant donor families, transplant recipients, and faith leaders were encouraged to spread the word about organ donation and educate the public on how to become an organ donor.Currently over 120,000 people are on the organ transplant waiting list and not all of them will receive the organs they need to survive. Even though there are 120 million registered donors not everyone is a match, which is why there is such a need for more people to sign up to be organ donors. Continue readingTo register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, visit | In Cai…

Ellwood City girl stable, sedated after multiple organ transplant

Times Online | Jim OrrELLWOOD CITY -- Kyree Beachem’s loved ones didn’t gather for Thanksgiving dinner as planned. They shared no turkey, no stuffing.But this was better.The Ellwood City girl finally was undergoing a multiple organ transplant hoped to save her life, a rare procedure that was no guarantee to ever happen. Kyree's family, including her seven older brothers and sisters, joined her at the hospital.“We were supposed to have a Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday night, but she was just getting out of surgery,” Nan Beachem, Kyree’s mother, said Friday. “So we had family time instead. Thanksgiving was nice.”It was a blessing.Kyree, 8, received a new liver, pancreas, intestines and colon during the operation at the UPMC's Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. It was necessary because she was born with nerve cells missing in her colon, an affliction known as Hirschsprung disease that affects the large intestines. Continue readingTo register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, …

A pillar of medical treatment is under threat

REUTERS | Celine GounderWhen you’re sick, you expect the medicine a doctor gives you to work. But the effectiveness of one of the most important types of drugs — antibiotics — is under threat.In the United States alone, there are 2 million antibiotic resistant infections causing 23,000 deaths each year. You say that you never get sick, so this isn’t your problem. But what if I told you that antibiotics make modern medicine possible, including surgery, cancer treatment and organ transplants? Half of men and a third of women will get cancer in their lifetimes. Many treatments for cancer weaken the immune system, putting you at risk for infection.We have an epidemic of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes in this country; many of those affected will eventually need dialysis and kidney transplants. When you get an organ transplant, you need to take medications that weaken your immune system so your body doesn’t reject the organ. And this puts you at increased risk of infection. Cont…

Young man living with purpose years after receiving Gift of Hope

FOX 13 Now | Hope Woodside LAKE CITY -- In Thursday’s edition of Gift of Hope, we meet a young man who received a life saving liver donation when he was a baby.FOX 13 News’ Hope Woodside has a look at how an organ donation made it possible for Ashton Arndt to fulfill his dreams.When Ashton Arndt was born, he was jaundiced, and that condition was a precursor to a serious diagnosis.At 2 months old, doctors determined Ashton had liver disease. But, thankfully, his mother Jolayna was a match.“I saw being a match as amazing,” Jolayna Arndt said. “I was grateful for the opportunity to do something rather than watch a sick child deteriorate and possibly die."Not only did Ashton thrive after the transplant, today he is an athlete. He runs 50 miles a week, snowboards, water skis, and runs high school cross-country and track. And, he's also a top competitor in the transplant games. Continue readingTo register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, visit | In Caifornia,…

Vt. organ donor to be honored in Rose Parade

WCAX | Eliza LarsenTHETFORD, Vt. - "We always had so much fun together. We laughed, we cried. We shared everything," Zoe Sirjane said.To Zoe, Marley was more than just a younger sister. She says she admired Marley for living her life doing the things she loved, like horseback riding."She had such energy," Zoe said.Photographs of Marley show the beautiful girl whose life was taken away too soon. On Nov. 20, 2011, Marley was involved in a single-car crash on Interstate 91 in Bradford. She was 18."They had put the horses away. And then she was headed north to Groton to a friend's birthday party. And she was still in her riding gear and everything," mom Penny Sirjane said. Continue readingTo register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, visit | In Caifornia, visit | It is important to share your decision with loved-ones.

Family Is Hoping For Heart For Their Daughter But Knows Another Will Have To Make Agonizing Decision

CBS Los AngelesLOS ANGELES ( — It’s the season of giving and one family is hoping they will receive the ultimate gift — a new heart for their baby daughter.The new heart would save Ellie Lim. Her parents — Melissa and Lee Lim — know for their 8-month-old daughter to live, another family will have to make an agonizing decision.Ellie has spent more than half her young life in a hospital bed. She has an enlarged heart and needs a transplant.KCAL9’s Kristine Lazar explains why getting organ donations for kids is especially difficult.While most families spent the holidays around the dinner table, Lazar said the Lims spent theirs around their daughter’s hospital bed.“I haven’t held her,” Melissa says breaking into tears, “since…August.”Ellie has dilated cardiomyopathy — an enlarged heart. The organ is nearly twice the size it should be. Continue readingTo register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, visit | In Caifornia, visit | …

Family thankful for son surviving lung transplant

KTVU A Marin family has an extraordinary reason to be thankful this season, celebrating the survival of a young man who thought he had a cold but ended up needing a lung transplant."I remember going in to get an x-ray and that's the last thing I remember," Michael Mason of Novato told KTVU.That was the day in June the 20-year-old college student returned home from University of Oregon after finishing his finals, struggling with a cough."When I drove him to the doctor, I thought they're going to put him on antibiotics. I'll bring him home and in a week he'll be fine," recalled his mother, Karen Mason.But Mike didn't leave the hospital or breathe on his own all summer. He went on life support within hours. "It was scary but at the same time you're so in shock, you can't believe this is what's really happening," said Karen. Continue readingTo register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, visit | In Caifor…

Donor’s mother: ‘You’ve got that positive piece to such a tragic day’

WANE | Sara WagnerFORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – This New Year’s Rose Bowl Parade will have a special Indiana connection thanks to the gift of life. Jennifer Spurgeon tragically died after a fire, but her organs saved three people. Now, her picture will be featured on the Indiana Donor Network’s float in Pasadena, California.Spurgeon’s family gets to represent Indiana at the parade. She is one of 60 donors whose picture will ride on the float. Each one is a floragraph made out of spices, seeds, and flowers.“It’s just an honor for the Indiana Donor Network to honor Jennifer in this way for the gift that she gave to these people,” Spurgeon’s mother Rhonda Berger said.Before they leave for that trip of a lifetime, though, her mother wanted to thank the people who made it all possible.Hugs, flowers, and even a few tears filled a busy the St. Joseph Hospital lobby Monday morning. Continue reading To register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, visit | In Caifornia, visit …

3,333 adults died whilst waiting for a kidney in the last ten years.

Donate Life Float: 2016 Float Walker - Steve Lang

Donate Life Float With the support of his wife and daughter, Steve donated his kidney to his friend Jamie on January 5, 2010. Jamie was on dialysis three days a week and was looking at a 7-year wait for a kidney transplant. With a low chance of survival, Steve prayed for his friend’s recovery. When Steve informed Jamie of his decision, Jamie hollered in happiness. A couple of tests and four hours of surgery later, Jamie’s health began improving and family and friends looked after Steve’s recovery with prayers and words of encouragement. Jamie can now watch his son grow up and Steve is honored to play a part in such a miracle.Sponsored by OneLegacy.
To register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, visit | In Caifornia, visit | It is important to share your decision with loved-ones.

Young Organ Donors

Keloland | Perry GrotenSIOUX FALLS, SD - Ashley Doohen's decision to donate her son Tyrese Ruffin's kidneys and liver was a life-saving gesture for two patients awaiting transplants. Many parents don't ever consider the option of donating organs because they don't expect to lose their child at such a young age. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more than 122,000 people are waiting for a new organ. Twenty-two of them will die each day during that wait. Less than 10 percent of organ and tissue donations come from people under the age of 18.LifeSource, the non-profit agency that manages organ donations, says a parent's decision to donate their child's organs can help with the grieving process. Continue readingTo register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, visit | In Caifornia, visit | It is important to share your decision with loved-ones.

10th annual Aspen Summit For Life is next week

Post Independent The Chris Klug Foundation’s 10th Annual Aspen Summit for Life presented by Astellas is Dec. 4-5. This event raises awareness about lifesaving organ and tissue donation, while celebrating second chances and quality of life. Registration has sold out the past three years, so register today and start fundraising for this great cause.Each participant who raises the $100 minimum will receive a racer bag that includes gift cards, snacks, gifts, and more. Participation and donations will help the 123,000 people currently waiting a lifesaving organ transplant today. Twenty-one people die daily due to the lack of available organs for transplant and just one donor can save the lives of eight people, according to the Chris Klug Foundation.To donate to the cause or learn more about the 10th Annual Aspen Summit for Life weekend, visit or contact Continue readingTo register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, visit www.DonateLI…


Laporte County Life | Community Healthcare System staffFor a fifth year, families gathered with Community Healthcare System staff members, Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network representatives and Indiana Lions Eye Bank officials to honor the area’s organ, eye and tissue donors.The annual Donate Life Rose Dedication Ceremony was held Nov. 4 at the Center for Visual and Performing Arts to formally send-off roses that will make up the Donate Life float in the 2016 Rose Parade. Each of the 33 roses sponsored by Community Hospital in Munster, St. Catherine Hospital in East Chicago and St. Mary Medical Center in Hobart now carry tags with messages on their vials of love from the donor families.“Each of you has a story to tell and this is a safe place to tell it,” said Jana Lacera, rose ceremony coordinator and director of Bioethics, Community Hospital. “Everyone here understands what you are going through after losing a loved one. These dedicated roses and the tributes they carry …

Meet the Wrexham woman who needs a new liver, pancreas and small bowel to survive

Daily Post UK | Sam YarwoodA woman who has suffered multiple organ failure and has “died” four times hopes changes to donation laws will not just save her life but those of others in her situation.Sally-Ann Hart, from Chirk , needs a triple transplant and has been told by doctors her chances are minimal unless she gets a liver, pancreas, small bowel, and possibly a kidney.The 60-year-old is now backing a change in legislation which from December 1 will see Wales become the first part of the UK where it will be presumed consent for organ donation has been given unless people opt out.Sally-Ann, known as Sal said: “To survive, I would need a triple – possibly even a quadruple – organ transplant. I’ve been told that I’m brave, but having been close to dying it is obvious that I still have something else to achieve in life. If it means helping others, then that is what I will do. Continue readingTo register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, visit | In Caifornia, visi…

Game on: Eagles fans target of organ donation competition

Philadelphia Business Journal | John George Organ procurement organizations in Pennsylvania’s two largest cities are targeting football fans in a new campaign to raise awareness for organ donation.Billboards went up this week near Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia and Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, which have each city “accusing” the other of “having no heart.”The campaign is the work of Donate Life Pennsylvania, a collaborative initiative between Gift of Life Donor Program in Philadelphia, the Center for Organ Recovery & Education in Pittsburgh, and the Pennsylvania departments of health and transportation.The billboards are part of a month-long campaign to see which city can register more residents to become organ donors. The winning city will be announced on Dec. 21.Howard Nathan, president and CEO of Gift of Life Donor Program, is confident of a Philadelphia victory. Continue readingTo register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, visit | In Caifornia, vi…

Coach gets a new heart for the holidays

WRTV | Liz AdeolaINDIANAPOLIS -- Doctors say a high school football coach from LaGrange has a long road of recovery ahead of him.He had a life saving heart transplant last weekend that’s given him a lot to be thankful for this holiday season."I couldn't tell you what I'd even say to these people. It's really a gift that, thank you will never be good enough for,” David Priestly said.Surgeons at Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital performed the 12 hour surgery.Nearly 50 heart transplants have been performed in Indiana and officials say about half of those happened at IU Health Methodist Hospital. Continue reading VIDEOTo register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, visit | In Caifornia, visit | It is important to share your decision with loved-ones.

“Heart in a box” gives Daniels new life

The Daily World | Jake Schild
(Jake Schild | The Daily World) Ted Daniels received a new heart using an Organ Care System, a new technology that allows organs to be kept alive while being transported to patients in need of a transplant. 
Ted Daniels wasn’t ready to “check out yet,” he says with an amiable chuckle as he recalls his September heart transplant surgery.

Daniels, 47, received a new heart this fall after struggling with congestive heart failure for the past 10 years. But, Daniels’ transplant wasn’t an ordinary one; the Aberdeen resident received the organ using a new technology called Organ Care System, or, as Daniels calls it, “heart in a box.”

Daniels was first in the nation to receive an “expanded criteria heart” with the machine, which has the ability to keep donated organs alive and functioning while being transported to their recipient. The OCS has been used to transplant more than 250 hearts worldwide.

Daniels was the first patient in the “EXPAND HEART” clinical trial, wh…

Donate Life Float: 2016 Floragraph Honoree - Marley Sirjane

Donate Life Float

Marley Sirjane had a huge heart and a zest for life that gave all those around her energy. Marley packed a lot of love, life and adventure into her short 18 years. For her, there were no roadblocks, only hurdles. She relished in supporting the 'underdog' in every aspect of her life. On the morning of her death, Marley’s heart was filled with passion, love, and happiness as evidenced by her non-stop captivating smile and big radiant blue eyes. This is how her family will remember her. Her ‘gifts of life’ sustain her family in knowing that she continues to smile, laugh and care through others still walking on this earth.
Sponsored by TBI\Tissue Banks International.
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Donate Life Float: 2016 Float Rider - George Grimm

Donate Life Float

George received the greatest gift when his best friend, Freddie, chose to directly donate his brother Sisto’s heart and kidney to him. George was 60 years old and living with the assistance of a left ventricular assist device (LVAD). George has always had a passion for helping and inspiring others, especially youth. For over 35 years, he coached youth and high school sports while also acting as a league administrator. Today, he treasures life like never before and thanks God that his friend had the strength to make such a difficult decision. This new lease on life allows George the opportunity to continue with his passion of helping others by spreading the word of organ donation and taking care of his two grandsons.

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Donate Life Float: 2016 Float Walker - Robert Rosser

Donate Life Float

When Robert’s wife, Shannon, decided that she would donate her kidney to her brother, Robert was in full support. Shannon’s brother, Scott, suffered from IgA Nephropathy and was in end-stage renal failure. Neither Shannon nor Robert expected that the preliminary tests for donation would turn up that Shannon had kidney disease. With Shannon unable to go through with the surgery, Robert stepped up to donate his kidney for Scott. Robert went into surgery with a brave outlook saying, “see ya on the other side”, to his brother in law. Recovery for Robert and Scott was easier as they had requested rooms next to each other, took their first steps together, and were released together. Just two years post-transplant, both are as strong and healthy as ever.

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