An open letter to the families who received my daughter’s organs

Buzz Feed | Megan Reily

My four year old daughter recently passed away and we decided to donate her organs. This is for those families.

Even in just four short years, I have several memories with my daughter that I know I will never forget. I can still remember the feeling of joy I felt when I seen her for the first time. I can remember how immediate and unquestionable that love was. I can remember how her father was scared to hold her because he thought he might break her.

I can remember how excited she would be over eating her favorite meal and the way her face would light up when she would open a present. I can remember the way she would dance around the house singing her favorite songs and the her constant insistence on not wearing pants.

My daughter truly was my best friend and if soul mates actually exist I believe she was mine. She was just like me, very particular about every little thing and such a goofy little person. Her happiness depended on my happiness. She would say to me , ” Mom, are you happy?” And I would say, ” Yes. I am happy.” Her little face would just light up and she would smile. “Good,” she would reply. Continue reading