Be A Hero: 23-day-old baby Minnie Duggleby’s organs will save lives say parents

Hull Daily Mail | Allison Coggan

WATCHING their baby daughter's life slip away, Ami and Liam Duggleby knew they had the chance to spare other parents the same agony.

Their daughter, Minnie Duggleby, became one of Yorkshire's youngest organ donors when she lost her battle for life at just 23 days old.

Now, her parents are spearheading a new campaign by Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust being launched today to encourage people to become organ donors.

Mrs Duggleby, 29, said: "We didn't want to feel Minnie's life was for nothing.

"Even though the pain of losing her is almost unbearable, it gives us some comfort knowing a part of her lives on."

Be A Hero is being launched by the hospital trust to highlight the plight of people waiting for life-saving transplants and the desperate need for organ donors. Continue reading